Friday Link Love.

 (panera pumpkin muffin, shot by me)

Here are some of the things that got me excited this week:
This post from her totally blew me away. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And the wonder of seeing two of flickr’s best on a meet up! And in NYC!

Some inspiration about why it is okay to be a beginner, from Jason Mraz. Totally key for us amateur photogs.

This amazing photographer and the cool visual effect of scrolling down this post of his (down the building, specifically)

 The very cool blog’s photo of the week. Check out who was chosen! 😉
And a photographer whose blog I could find myself lost in for hours.

Protecting your camera from the summer.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Link Love.

  1. aw thanks so much for the shout out. :)perhaps we can have a meet up of our own one day!

  2. i very much hope so! did i tell you i'm from NJ?

  3. ooh i didn't know! lol how did you find yourself out in Kansas??

  4. Well after doing my Masters at the University of New Mexico, I needed to go somewhere. The love of my life was and is still living here in Kansas doing his PhD, so I decided that after three years of long distance, it was time we live together! 🙂 He's from Jersey too..Edison, and me from Morris County.

  5. wow i totally lived in Edison for like 4 years during my elementary school days!

  6. Absolutely love Jason Mraz's post about being beginner. Very inspiring! Thanks for the link 🙂

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