pizza with our pals.

That’s not a pizza food baby, she’s really pregnant… remember? Besides, those two only split a piece, whereas Andy and I polished off 3 pieces between the two of us! We had a lovely Sunday afternoon lunch downtown at Papa Keno’s with two of our friends (who are expecting a baby in October). Papa Keno’s is the best and closest to NY slice you can get in Lawrence.

I got to use up a roll of film to see how my new (old) Minolta manual focus was working, and luckily I got more than a couple decent shots! Walgreens threatened them with a terrible scan job, but they made up for it by correcting it for free.

all images fujifilm pro800z, minolta x-370.

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One thought on “pizza with our pals.

  1. Oh! How awesome!! I LOVE all the pics! Especially enjoyed Ryan's quirky looks! His mom could use this pic as proof that his eyes are blue, but really, I swear they're green!

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