Kansas Fiddling and Picking Championships.

I had fun today at the Kansas Fiddling and Picking Championships here in Lawrence. There were tons of sweet kids, talented pickers, and just about everyone had a dog with them! Below you can see the two youngest fiddle competitors who also happened to be sisters and watched each other from the sidelines…too cute! I hung out with Rocco the Italian Greyhound (and his buddy Drake) and Ella May (the lil half chihuahua, half yorkie you see below) and enjoyed the picking…It definitely got me psyched up for Winfield Bluegrass Festival in a few weeks!
presets used: golden oolong, simple details and vignette, jack less filmy

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One thought on “Kansas Fiddling and Picking Championships.

  1. This must have been a great event. Your shots are really well composed and wonderful at storytelling. That little girl with the fiddle under her arm and the wide grin on her face is priceless…you must be a photography major.

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