Jeff Scroggins and Colorado: the highlights.

I’m the lucky one who got to spend a day with this awesome Colorado bluegrass band and shoot their pictures for their website, promo materials, and new album! 
First we stumbled on a local winery with three great backdrops: the mountains, a barn complete with antlers, and a great Victorian looking home and porch. The winery owners were happy to let us use their property for the shoot, as long as the band played a few tunes (hence the shot with the wine bottle below). Then we went over to find a church and also stumbled upon a great little spot with a white house and green trim and craggy peaks in the background. In the evening, they had a gig at the Rustic Station, a perfect hunting lodge type feel for the shoot.
Here are some of my favorites from the wonderful Saturday we spent together up in Bailey and Conifer, Colorado!
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2 thoughts on “Jeff Scroggins and Colorado: the highlights.

  1. Cara, these are such fun. And what beautiful scenery too. I can't wait to see the album cover!

  2. Fantastic shots Cara!!!! I want to see more! You must have had such a great time. Keep us posted on how they use them so we can check them out!

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