how i spent my friday night.


It had been awhile because of the holidays but a bunch of us got together again for friday night margaritas, which seems to have become a tradition of sorts (sidenote: tradition sounds so much better than habit, doesn’t it? lol). These shots are all kodak portra 400 on the nikon f100, except one digital. I’ll be sad the day I can’t buy anymore portra and will seriously need to start stocking up. I’m pretty darn pleased with how they all came out, and self-scanned as well. More importantly, we had a blast and it was great to unwind after the first 5 day work week in a while had worn me out. I guess it did the same for Jennilyn, who at one point snatched her husband’s margarita right out of his hands exhaustedly and adorably exclaiming, “i had a very hard day!” I caught that moment on film, below.
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3 thoughts on “how i spent my friday night.

  1. your rocking the film! these are great.

  2. These are gorgeous shots, Cara! Film too….I need to get some practice. You inspire. x

  3. btw, i love all these shots! fantastic job and you make those margaritas come alive for me!

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