The Burger Stand at The Casbah.


The Burger Stand is arguably the best burger in Lawrence. It’s a favorite hang out of my friends, the group of Econ Ph.D. and their significant others with whom I spent most of my time. I really dig the decor, too; it is unique and has distinctive personality. They’ve got these awesome homemade sauces to dip fries in and spread on your burger, like parmesan garlic aioli, and even marshmallow to go with their awesome sweet potato fries that are exquisitely seasoned. Take a good look at that menu and you are guaranteed to find more than one burger that will have you salivating. The turkey burgers are great, too. The place is simply a must for visitors, so be sure to look for the Casbah and you’ll find The Burger Stand inside!
Their website:
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2 thoughts on “The Burger Stand at The Casbah.

  1. This totally looks like my kind of place! I wouldn't know where to start with that menu though…

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