Amy & Theo {New Mexico Wedding Photographer}

Amy and Theo’s wedding was super sweet, just like them! I met Amy while we were both doing Masters in Ed Psych and Theo was doing his Masters also and so these two folks are two of the smartest I know! They used those smarts to get creative and finish off their wedding with so many crafty and do it yourself details. It was quite impressive. The groom’s mom made the wedding cake, Amy and her mom made all of the dresses, flowers (both crochet and paper)…the whole thing was ingenious. I’m just so grateful they let me share their special day! The wedding was held in Los Alamos, New Mexico, at Pajarito Mountain. 

And now for the memories…Be sure to note the pup getting in on the “getting ready” action 4 rows down; what a great moment!


The guys were a blast to shoot. And the family shots were a hoot. Check out the lil dude trying to get at his dad’s sunglasses in the great big family shot. Once I got that one, I told them I got the shot, since that was going to be the best one. He proceeded to put the sunglasses on his own lil head.

When I shared the photos below with Amy, and asked if she saw a few for framing and hanging on their wall at home, she said, and I quote, “I want enough of them that I worry I’ll be one of those people who just decorates her home only in wedding pictures, which is a little sad and awkward.” I guess that means I did a good job?

My favorites are below, I think. A few above as well. Thank you again, Amy and Theo, for letting me take part in your beautiful day!

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9 thoughts on “Amy & Theo {New Mexico Wedding Photographer}

  1. Gorgeous, Cara! Wonderful job.

  2. Love these! Great job. You had some really creative shots!

  3. These are awesome. Congrats!

  4. I love them Cara…fantastic work..x

  5. Melissa McClung on said:

    Oh Cara, what an impressive first-ever wedding shoot! I know you said that you had some hesitation and concerns about how they turned out, since you likely had a zillion ideas in mind that you might not have had time to carry out, but it looks like, what you were able to accomplish was truly lovely! Looks like it was quite a memorable day, and I can see that you captured some brilliant moments!

    • Melissa McClung on said:

      I especially like the photo with the sunbursts- some of them look like hearts around the kissing newlyweds!

  6. jordan on said:

    Cara, these are just wonderful! All the flare and sunbursts are to die for.

  7. Congrats Cara!! I love all the swirling sunburst flares! Of course!
    I hope you had a great time doing it! We’ll catch up soon! 🙂

  8. Beautiful, Cara! I love some of the group poses you have going there. Very creative.

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