A new muse for me is Henry’s, a bar here in downtown Lawrence. I had never been in there during the light hours of the day until a few weeks ago. In the darker hours, you never notice all their great details, the trim around the doors, the paint colors, the cool tapestry stools, etc. And during the day, they get some great light against the vines and wood. So now when we do our happy hours, I usually suggest Henry’s.

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5 thoughts on “Henry’s.

  1. Excellent details. I get a real sense of warmth from your words and photos.

  2. Love all the details and the feeling that everyone is really friendly.
    Looks like a fun place to hang out!

  3. Love the purple tones in a few of these! Beautiful!

  4. That does have beautiful light and color.

  5. you never cease to amaze me, the way you capture details and moods so well. these are so lovely, like we’re invited into your little group somehow through your gift of photography.

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