Our first week with Rosie.

Rosie has had many adventures this week, from trips to Tractor Supply and the vet, to campus walks, kiddie pool swims, and even the farmers market. She seems to be adapting very well to all of it. She is only a little shy with people but before long, she is sitting at their feet, not wanting to go anywhere. She has “sit” down pretty good, and goes into her crate at night without whining, but isn’t crazy about it during the day yet, though she will go in for short spells of her own accord (and the memory of the special tasty treats she gets for crate visits). She turned 3 months old today, and we took a walk on campus after a very crazy playful morning. Andy was immensely patient in helping me get the campus shots of her that you see below. Thank you so much, Andy!

Her favorite morning play is to do laps from one end of the house to the other, over and over. Or maybe that is our favorite for how hilarious it is to watch. She really likes playing football, and fell in love with her first greenie today. We’re pretty beat from keeping an eye on her at all times, but she’s a pretty great pup. With the exception of chewing on her leash and every leaf she can find, she’s very well behaved and still pretty mellow. We’ll enjoy that while it lasts. 

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7 thoughts on “Our first week with Rosie.

  1. Leilani on said:

    i’m so happy your dream has finally come true! you must be in heaven with a new pup and a brand new place to explore and make proud with your camera.

  2. She’s a beauty, Cara, and how fun to see your new hometown through the eyes of your new puppy.

  3. Congrats! What a beautiful pup! Hopefully she can meet Suki one of these days =)

  4. She is darling! Sounds like she is a great pup already!

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  6. utterly stunning!!!!!! xxxooo

  7. She’s s adorable!! Also your photos!!

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