Leilani and the last of Lawrence.

Leilani and I made a point of hanging out a lot in the last month or so that I was still living in Lawrence. On several evenings you could find us frolicking among the queen anne’s lace, hiking Lawrence’s nature trails, visiting its lakes, and settling in for sunsets and sunflowers. It was always about the sun and what kind of magic it might bring to our photos, and it was fitting, because she certainly was a ray of sunshine in my Lawrence life! Always ready for shooting, armed with a kind word or two, a laugh, and a sassy smile, Leilani is someone I consider to be one of my closest friends. I miss her even more now that I’m new here and don’t have any photo friends yet! You can see a photo recap of our adventures below, spanning film and digital.

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2 thoughts on “Leilani and the last of Lawrence.

  1. So beautiful! Such pretty pinks in these. I am sure your heart misses her so much… as her heart misses you. xo

  2. the magic you create on film is endless, Cara Rose. i’m honored to be the feature here along with our sweet queen anne’s lace. i’m so happy we made solid memories before you went away. yes, i miss you too and believe the distance will only make our bond stronger. thank you for being such a great photog pal-i’ll thank you again for the sweet surprise while we were at the cottage:)

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