Film is rather expensive when you are unemployed and so I’ve been trying to reacquaint myself with my digital camera. One of the things that frustrates me is post-processing. Film always comes out just the way I want, somehow. Maybe it is just that processing it isn’t quite an option. I mean, you COULD process your film shots, but it does seem silly and usually unnecessary to me.

I’m one of those people who will bang her head against the wall until she figures something out on her own. Don’t tell me how, I will do it MYSELF. That was the impetus for many of my presets; I don’t want to buy someone else’s. I want to make my own. Luckily, what ends up happening is that while I’m striving to get x, I come up with a really cool y and z in the meantime. And I’m getting a lot closer to the look I’m after in these shots. I’d like it to look mostly natural with lots of fine detail. You know in a way that makes you go, “man, it must be that lens that gets all that great detail.” And to have the subject pop a little extra. And of course to be a little filmy, so I scrunch [technical term, yes] my tone curve at the ends and fiddle with it a bit. Some of these are a tad overdone, so I’ll keep playing, but it really depends on the distance of the subject and the original lighting as to how heavy handed these presets look. Getting closer…

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3 thoughts on “Processing

  1. I think both your digital and film work are wonderful…love seeing your before and afters! 🙂

  2. joelynnej on said:

    The one of Rosie in the light is perfect!

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