Visit to Chatham

Last month I had the pleasure of a flickr meet up with Linda and Deirdre. We also got to hang out with Deirdre’s daughters, husband, and Linda’s husband, Carl! There were tons of cameras and a lot of shooting, but more than that, we enjoyed getting to know each other more through conversation. I was glad it didn’t turn into the usual “a bunch of photographers sitting around taking pictures” thing as I really value my friendships with these ladies. It was time very well spent.

The photos are a mix of film and digital and the digital ones use my new presets.

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11 thoughts on “Visit to Chatham

  1. what a gift! I love to read about days like this and friendships that may have never been, had it not been for technology. LOVE.

  2. Awesome! Thank you so much! I had such a good time and can’t wait to meet up again (I’m still thinking Brewery Ommegang). I have barely even looked at my photos from that day — I can’t wait for things to slow down a bit here.

  3. Staci Lee on said:

    Oh, what a dream flickr meet up! I love Linda loaded with cameras!

  4. ohhhhh how beautifully you have captured our oh-so-wonderful day!!!!! every little bit of it!!!! i usually can’t take looking at myself, but you make me look good!!! lol!!! and i love the shot of Deirdre and me in that doorway!!! and those pumpkins on the table and the GIRLS!!!! i can’t wait to see you and Deirdre and the gang again!!!! thanks sooo much for this!!! xxxooo

  5. This is positively overflowing with awesome. What a day!

  6. You know when I get to hang out with the photographer friends I really connect with, I hardly take any pictures at all – so much more talking than shooting 🙂

    I can tell it was a beautiful day, though, from what you did shoot. Love these two and you and looking forward when we get to hang out – it will happen!

    can you believe I have a film shot of my girl wearing those same trippy glasses on my last roll?

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