O’Hara’s, Owego, NY.

o'hara's, owego. (2 of 6)

One of Andy’s colleague’s family owns a restaurant and bar not far from Binghampton, NY. I mentioned to him at some point about the romance I find in bar scenes like the stories emptied pints could tell if only they could talk. I told him how usually the wait staff is too quick to clean the tables, and so it can be fun to try and get the shot before I miss my chance. He joked that I wouldn’t have that problem if we ever visited his father’s place, as he doesn’t clean up so fast these days. While that may have been a joke, the invite to visit the bar was not, and so we headed down on a Saturday night and were greeted with some of the warmest hospitality and most delicious food around. If you are ever in or near Owego, ask for a white pizza with bacon. Damn, was it good. [And being from the New York metro area, I’m really picky about my pizza. Nowhere outside the New York metro area actually has good pizza, or there’s only one place is a large radius (thank you Papa Keno’s, Lawrence, Kansas). Most people who tell me “oh try this place, it has great pizza” are later reprimanded by me. Most people just. don’t. know.]

I wanted to find a good reason to use a roll of Ilford 3200 I’d been saving, and the low light situation at the bar seemed perfect. While these grainy, motion blurred (shooting at 1/8 sort of makes that impossible to avoid) shots are not my best work, they do suit the feel of the place and the experience. They do convey some of that romance, and even a bit of the charm, the latter bit thanks to the proprietor, Mr. O’Hara, who was very bashful about my taking his photo. Over some homemade beer and excellent food, I managed to take a few photos:
o'hara's, owego. (6 of 6)

o'hara's, owego. (5 of 6)

o'hara's, owego. (4 of 6)

o'hara's, owego. (3 of 6)

o'hara's, owego. (1 of 6)

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