Yellowstone, part II.

What I quickly realized is that the appeal of Yellowstone lies in its abundance of animal life. In this way, Yellowstone has something for every age group and nature interest. We disappointingly never did see a bear, but we tallied it up and saw something like 20+ elk, including babies, a family of ducks that crossed the road right in front of my car, 6 pika, countless bison, and the world’s most photogenic chipmunk. Our animal life quite enjoyed the scenery as well:digitals from trip (18 of 18)

yellowstone film (11 of 19)

Here’s Andy and the chipmunk posing for a photo togetherdigitals from trip (17 of 18)

This chipmunk really loved having its photo taken and kept striking different poses and allowing me to get closer and closer to it.digitals from trip (16 of 18) digitals from trip (15 of 18) digitals from trip (14 of 18) digitals from trip (13 of 18)

At one point, there was yet another traffic jam and Andy tried to see what the hubbub was all about. Far up the road and without his glasses, he said “it looks like some large woman in a brown dress is holding up traffic!” But we got a clearer picture of “her” as she strutted down the road and let out a big sigh right next to our car. If only I’d gotten a photo of Rosie’s bulging eyes!:
bison in the road! (1 of 3) bison in the road! (2 of 3) bison in the road! (3 of 3)

I guess another reason Yellowstone is so famous is because of the number of really impressive waterfalls it contains. yellowstone film (18 of 19) There were a bunch featured in my last post, and here is the last one that we saw:yellowstone film (14 of 19) yellowstone film (15 of 19)


And a rainbow on top of it all? This rainbow was more like a rainbow and a half as it had an extra half a rainbow, repeating some of the same colors:
yellowstone film (12 of 19) yellowstone film (13 of 19)
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9 thoughts on “Yellowstone, part II.

  1. These are so completely gorgeous Cara. What a trip. I LOVE your waterfall photos – they look so vintage and timeless. And goodness the buffalo traffic jam – AMAZING.

  2. Wow, beautiful photos!!

  3. Beautiful stuff Cara! Gotta love that chipmunk, and it must have been something else to get so close to that “woman in a brown dress” =P

  4. carlos the jackal on said:


    But are you sure it was a chipmunk? Looks like maybe a small marmot. They like to live in those scree fields

  5. I think the entire library hates me now, because I can’t stop laughing about Andy’s comment about “the large lady in a brown dress who is holding up traffic”! Awesome 🙂

  6. I’m sad that Yellowstone was a bit of a letdown for you. I love the park – we got engaged and married there even! We worked there in 1999, and I saw a grizzly and a black bear my first two days in the park and never saw another bear in 5 months. Does that help ease your pain? 🙂 I’ve seen a dozen since then, but I was shocked and sad that summer when I didn’t see any for months. But the scenery makes up for it, doesn’t it?

    (Also, don’t mind me. I’m going to spend the rest of my morning drooling over your photos.)

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