Portland, in pictures and beverages.

I ate and drank my way around Portland, and also got to visit Blue Moon Camera, where I get most of my film developed and often scanned by Anne! She was gracious enough to let me stay the night and showed me around some of the hippest spots in Portland. I really wasn’t cool enough to even be seen in some of these places 😉 I also got to meet some of my flickr idols, Danielle, Jenn, Zeb, and Vanessa…next time I hope to meet Katie, if she doesn’t make it up my way first!

img276stumppsstumptown (1 of 4) after portland (1 of 1)stumptown (2 of 4) afterportland (8 of 17)

portland (1 of 17)brent roses dip

portland (2 of 17)

portland (9 of 17)tea and flowers dip

portland (10 of 17)

portland (3 of 17)drinks dip portland (11 of 17)flowers dip

portland (6 of 17)anne photos (2 of 5) afterportland side street (1 of 1)

portland (14 of 17)portland (15 of 17)portland (16 of 17) portland (17 of 17)

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6 thoughts on “Portland, in pictures and beverages.

  1. whose got that big gorgeous window with that cool rocking chair? I love that, and all your flowers and drinks, always good. Glad you got out. The drive isn’t so bad huh, into Portland? When we visited Seattle a few years back, we had rented a car and drove into Portland to see a dear friend of mine. We found the most amazing fountain I had ever seen. I love seeing your images of your new life, it reminds me of the best trip our family ever had. My kids still talk about how awesome the Pacific North West is, two of the three claim they will live in WA as adults.

  2. Just lovely lovely lovely.
    I want to come visit really bad!

  3. We are having a pinhole camera meet-up on January 18th, beginning around 11:00 at Blue Moon Camera. A group is coming down from Seattle.

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