My first visitors to Tacoma.

When I noticed Jonathan and Bridget were traveling from San Fran to Seattle via auto, I reached out to let them know they should stop by Tacoma on their way back down south. In case you don’t know, Tacoma is about 40 minutes south of Seattle on I-5, and the SeaTac airport is called such because it is halfway between Seattle and Tacoma. So I’m a really easy visit if you are headed to Seattle!

I first met the Fleming family when I was in San Francisco back in 2010. At the time I was considering getting a Shiba Inu, and it was such a treat to meet the flickr famous Suki, hang out with Jonathan, whose photography I’ve always admired, and get to know Bridget! So I was thrilled to find out that Jonathan and Bridget (and Suki!) would have time to stop by and visit me in Tacoma. We spent a good chunk of the day together. First I took them to Metronome, because I know they know good coffee and, not that I do, but Metronome seems to be someplace that knows what it is doing. Jonathan confirmed my suspicions. Rosie was obsessed with either getting food or playing with Suki. She was in great need of the hike we planned to take to exhaust all of her excitement. So after breakfast, we hiked in Point Defiance, where I left them to explore more.

All color photos Nikon F100, Kodak Portra 400. Black and white is Hasselblad 500c/m, Kodak tmax. This post makes me want to shoot with nothing but the F100 for ever and ever. 

fleming (10 of 17)

fleming (11 of 17)dip

fleming (4 of 17)

fleming (14 of 17)

fleming (6 of 17)dip

fleming (5 of 17)

fleming (3 of 17)dip

fleming (15 of 17)dip

fleming (16 of 17)

fleming (13 of 17)

fleming (17 of 17)

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4 thoughts on “My first visitors to Tacoma.

  1. These are utterly gorgeous. Love Rosie looking majestic and that final shot is amaaazing!

  2. Whoa, those F100 frames are super clean! We all had a blast on that hike, and Suki couldn’t have been more pleased. Thanks for showing us around, and it was great seeing you again!

    Ps, loving that last shot of Suki!!!

  3. looks like you guys had an awesome visit!

  4. Yep – that last one is just perfect!

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