In the zone.

I haven’t felt it in a long time, but it is back. That feeling of completely losing yourself in your creation? I’ve decided it may be my favorite feeling, certainly where I feel most alive. And whether I’m making photographs or putting together stories on Steller, I find myself completely immersed. The other night after a sunset, I walked into the house and took maybe one step inside, barely put down my bag, didn’t take off my jacket, and just got sucked into creating the story for a good half hour, unaware of what was going on around me. In Seattle, I had no idea what my friends were discussing as I composed my shots from the ferry. It is this really quiet space where all that exists is the camera and my thoughts. I know it sounds terribly dramatic, but if you’ve experienced it, that is really what it is like, and it is really that magical.

So here’s to that.

This is the set of Polaroids I made during the two trips I took up to Seattle this month, the rest of the film to follow later. I was in the zone a lot there, too. Vanessa can attest to that, and blogged more of our trip here.

seattle sx70 (1 of 7) seattle sx70 (2 of 7) seattle sx70 (3 of 7) seattle sx70 (4 of 7)

seattle sx70 (6 of 7) seattle sx70 (5 of 7)
seattle sx70 (7 of 7)


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7 thoughts on “In the zone.

  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about. It truly is a magical feeling.

  2. I so love all these blogs about your catch ups and using film. I love the shadow photo on the stairs – its just amazing. I’m taking out my polaroid this weekend and I can’t wait. 🙂

  3. Staci Lee on said:

    Oh how I love these! I especially love the one of us on the stairs.

  4. These are fantastic! It is great to fall into that zone isn’t it!

  5. I just adore these images so much. So nostalgic. They just give me that feel good feeling. So nice to see two of my Southern California friends on your ground.

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