Our home.

In June, A & I found a home to buy, and in July, we moved in. Here are a few of the first photos I took in and of the home, and the story.

We found and offered on another home before this one. The first one we looked at actually was really perfect, which we only knew after looking at several others following that one. We weren’t really ready at that point, and so our offer was bested by another. So some days later when this house popped up on the market, RedFin alerting me on my iPhone, I got really excited.

me: “We have to go see this one. Like right now.”

a: “Ok. I’ll email Trey (our realtor).”

me: “No, right now. We have to go. We can’t wait. Text him. Call him. Now.”

So I texted him, and a few hours later we were inside the house, nearly the first potential buyers to visit. In between the text and the visit, A and I drove over to see the house from the outside. One of the things you don’t see in the RedFin listing is the black crow stained glass dining room window. When I saw that, it was all over. The house was already everything I wanted. And then that?! [If you know me, you know that The Black Crowes & Chris Robinson are my favorite]

We got back to our place and I was sitting in the car in the driveway crying. That was my house. There was no way around it. We had to get that house. Love at first sight, head over heels, madly in love, my heart would be broken if we did not. A couple days later we put in an aggressive and early offer. I wrote a carefully worded letter to the seller, explaining why and how much we loved the house, especially me, as a photographer. The owner is the stained glass artist responsible for all the beautiful glass in the house, so I was appealing to her, artist to artist.

The next day they were having an open house, which put a lot of fear into me. Someone is going to offer cash on the spot and we’ll lose our chance. I just knew we wouldn’t get the house. I was protecting myself. Around 3:30, Trey calls A.

Trey: “Are you at the open house?”

A: “No, we thought it best not to go.”

Trey: “Oh, well that’s good, because they cancelled the open house. They accepted your offer!”

Two months later, there is still quite a bit of disbelief to have found the perfect house for us, such an amazing, one of a kind place. The plumbing and electrical have all been updated, and the previous owner did so much work we barely needed to do a thing but move in. It was built in 1912, next to a twin home (complete with lovely neighbors, too), and a pretty church on the other side. The yard is well established (photos for another blog post), there is an artists studio space in the basement, a claw foot tub, and a master bedroom made from removing the wall between two bedrooms (so it is airy and peaceful). But the windows and high ceilings mean good light all the time, so I’m set for life.

1st house photos on blog (4 of 4) 1st house photos on blog (3 of 4) 1st house photos on blog (2 of 4) five avocados & a pineapple. (1 of 1) the living room sparkle. (1 of 1) ya'll come. (1 of 1) 1st house photos on blog (1 of 4)

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7 thoughts on “Our home.

  1. congratulations on finding your dream home! Lovely photo’s of it, am loving the dark blue wall and the stained glass.

  2. Congratulations on your new home. I love the colors and the light. please share more photos of it, both inside and out. I love old houses like this. Such charm.

  3. carlos the jackal on said:

    Congrats on the nest. I look forward to seeing it

  4. Staci Lee on said:

    It is beautiful! I am so happy it is yours.

  5. One day I’m going to see this house. I just know it! x

  6. Gorgeous home and natural light! How unusual to see a chest of drawers built into a former fireplace.

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