Post-July 2015 didn’t like me very much.

honeymoon CHIPMUNK BEST (1 of 1)

I don’t know how to explain it.

Maybe the Universe just said “okay, you’ve had enough good luck this year, between the job, the house, the wedding. time’s up.”

Maybe my attitude just changed when all the bad stuff hit the fan, and I should see this all more positively. I could have lost these photos entirely. There’s still a chance I’ll get the rest of them back. But the post office, lovely old USPS, lost a good chunk of my summer film, which included a few rolls from our honeymoon. Luckily (?) I found some that hadn’t been mailed with that set in my most recent development. Not so luckily, the developer roller damaged many of them, most of all the photo of which I was most proud. I patiently camped out waiting quietly, frozenly, for this  chipmunk to stop in front of my camera long enough to snap this shot. It looked a lot worse before my friend Ruby worked on it with emulsion cleaner (again: lucky).

Ah well. Here are some of the images from our beautiful weekend in Packwood. Our cabin had views of Mt. Rainier and we explored the Grove of the Patriarchs, Packwood Lake Trail, and Sunrise at the MRNP. In the 7th photo below, you can see the family of elk we could see from the deck of the cabin (lower right, around tree tops).


honeymoon (1 of 12)honeymoon (3 of 12)honeymoon (6 of 12)honeymoon (5 of 12)honeymoon (7 of 12)honeymoon (4 of 12)honeymoon (8 of 12)honeymoon (12 of 12)honeymoon (9 of 12)honeymoon (11 of 12)honeymoon (10 of 12)


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