Raised in New Jersey, spent a few years in New Mexico, and few in Lawrence, Kansas, upstate New York, and now settling in Tacoma, Washington with the love of my life and my pal, Rosie. I have taken to wearing a backpack for the past two years, so that I’ll be able to carry two to three cameras at all times. Champion grilled cheese maker and juke box DJ, this girl is one of the biggest photodorks you’ll ever meet.

I’m up for shooting anything that gives me the chance to hear that satisfying click! If there’s an event, occasion, or setting in your life that you need photographed, contact me. I would love to have the honor of photographing it for you. I shoot both digital and analog.

What is “tumbleweedineden?” The great song, “Like a Tumbleweed in Eden” by Chris Robinson describes, in its great lyrics, rambling, wandering, and dreaming, and remembering stories from the past. My photography allows me to do all that, plus I kind of feel like a “tumbleweed in eden.” I don’t have the five and ten year plans everyone says you should, but it all manages to work out in the end, as I tumble along into good fortune and create my own luck.

Prints. Photography services. Anything you see here, on my website, tumblr, or flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/cararosephotos/) can be ordered or used with permission; please contact me (cararosephotos @ gmail dot com) to see what we can do. For prints, click here for crated.


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