Sunday in NYC, part i.

The first part of my visit to New York City at the end of April and stroll with Christy was really to take in spring in New York. NOTHING was blooming yet in Hamilton so the city was a sight for my poor sore eyes and everything I’d hoped it would be as my first taste of spring.

These are all Pentax 6×7 and either Ektar 100 or Lomo 100.
nyc ess (15 of 25) nyc ess (16 of 25)
nyc ess (18 of 25) nyc ess (19 of 25) nyc ess (20 of 25) nyc ess (21 of 25) nyc ess (22 of 25)

nyc ess (17 of 25) nyc ess (23 of 25)

nyc ess (14 of 25)

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7 thoughts on “Sunday in NYC, part i.

  1. nicolecwhite on said:

    these are gorgeous! all those colours and that sunlight…looks like such an uplifting day. really love the first one and the 4th from the bottom

  2. Beautiful series

  3. So much flowery goodness… Just beautiful!

  4. So gorgeous, Cara. I can tell which ones are Ektar, cause those reds are f-ing brilliant. I’m so excited for you to move here. You are gonna love it!

  5. Laura Yurs on said:

    love the hat!! so lovely!

  6. there is nothing quite like New York awash in the soft light and pastel colors of spring. you caught it all so beautifully. but that last shot of Christy – wow! It’s like a movie still.

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